ALGO 2012
September 9-14, Ljubljana, Slovenia

ATMOS Accepted Papers

  • Markus Bohlin, Florian Dahms, Holger Flier and Sara Gestrelius. Optimal Freight Train Classification using Column Generation
  • Paola Pellegrini, Grégory Marlière and Joaquin Rodriguez. Real time railway traffic management modeling track-circuits
  • Christopher Bayliss, Geert De Maere, Jason Atkin and Marc Paelinck. Probabilistic Airline Reserve Crew Scheduling
  • Ralf Borndörfer and Marika Karbstein. A Direct Connection Approach to Integrated Line Planning and Passenger Routing
  • Valentina Cacchiani, Alberto Caprara and Paolo Toth. A Fast Heuristic Algorithm for the Train Unit Assignment Problem
  • Samitha Samaranayake, Sebastien Blandin and Alex Bayen. Speedup techniques for the stochastic on-time arrival problem
  • Mohammad Hossein Keyhani, Mathias Schnee, Karsten Weihe and Hans-Peter Zorn. Reliability and Delay Distributions of Train Connections
  • Brigitte Jaumard, Thai Hoa Le, Huaining Tian, Ali Akgunduz and Peter Finnie. A Dynamic Row/Column Management Algorithm for Freight Train Scheduling
  • Tim Nonner and Alexander Souza. Optimal Algorithms for Train Shunting and Relaxed List Update Problems
  • Felix G. König, Jannik Matuschke and Alexander Richter. Multi-dimensional commodity covering for tariff selection in transportation
  • Banafsheh Khosravi, Julia A. Bennell and Chris N. Potts. Train Scheduling and Rescheduling in the UK with a Modified Shifting Bottleneck Procedure
  • Reinhard Bauer, Moritz Baum, Ignaz Rutter and Dorothea Wagner. On the Complexity of Partitioning Graphs for Arc-Flags